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May 14, 2012


Hi Chris. I'm a speech polhatogist, and I've worked quite a bit with the proloquo2go app with a couple of students with severe speech disorders. It is wonderful for them, though it should be stressed that it isn't a magic bullet that enables instant, fluent communication. It is akin to learning a new language, with a lot of time and practice required before it comes quickly and naturally. I can tell you that proloquo2go runs on the ipod touch, the iphone, and the ipad. It is easiest on the ipad because there is plenty of room on the screen to see more word choices (you touch images and it speaks the word). However, some students prefer the ipod touch or iphone because they are easier to carry around. I wish it would run on the android platform so that something like the new kindle fire from amazon (much cheaper!) might be able to run it.As for your situation, I would consider asking his speech therapist (if he has one, probably through his IEP at school) which app they would recommend, and which device you should get to run that app. Proloquo2go costs nearly $200 just for the app. For the person who is unable to express themselves through speech, it can be worth every penny and then some, unlocking so many doors and allowing them to communicate. I recommend it. For someone with more mild speech problems, it may be overkill and not helpful. There are many many other communication apps, but I haven't tried them. I've heard good things specifically about tap to talk. I hope you come up with a good fit for your grandson!

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